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Why Specialized Services

For Real Estate Sector

It is critical for all businesses to manage their bookkeeping especially for the business of real estate. Real estate investors are required to keep detailed and accurate accounting records of all their real estate transactions in order to take full advantage of its potential and maximize tax advantages.

Having REI bookkeeper manage your books is like having a partner who has your financial interest at heart. We provide ongoing bookkeeping services to all classes of investors and real estate professionals. Whether you’re investing in rental properties, buying, fixing and reselling rehab properties, or doing both, your business will need a bookkeeper familiar with dealing with expensed vs capitalized costs, escrow deposits, options, depreciation entries, properly recording mortgages and loans (both as the borrower and the lender) and correctly recording purchase/sale journal entries based on HUD-1 settlement statements, among many other things.

We can provide you with financial reports that are useful for managing your specific real estate transactions. We understand all the different types of real estate transactions and creative financing.

Don’t let your real estate paperwork become the bottlenect to growing your property portfolio!